Before Your Appointment

Items to review before your first medical visit at Monarch Health:


Physical Exam Appointments (Annual Male/Female Exams):

Come in fasting for a minimum of 12 hours. This is easily accomplished for most by not eating after supper. You may and in fact should drink water freely and take all your regularly scheduled medications. We will ask for a urine sample so it is best to arrive with a full bladder and be ready to donate! Please *do not* apply any body lotion before your appointment. If we perform an electrocardiogram (EKG), the leads may not adhere well. We prefer to schedule Physical exam appointments for patients over 35 years of age first thing in the morning because of the need for fasting and because of the complexity of the appointment.


Diabetic Appointments

Please schedule appointments in the morning and come in fasting. Take all your regularly scheduled medicine and drink plenty of water. If you inject morning insulin, please cut your dose in half. Bring a snack with you to eat as soon as your blood has been drawn. Always bring your log of blood sugars with you as review of this data is an important part of your visit. Your feet will be examined at every visit and you may want to consider this when dressing. A urine sample will be requested so it is best to arrive with a full bladder.


Electronic Medical Record

Monarch Health has made the commitment to utilize an electronic medical record (EMR). This is important to you because it decreases errors and allows for clear and accurate communication of your medical and aesthetic information. This is one of the behind the scenes improvements that makes Monarch Health special.


Prescription Refill Policy

All prescription refills must be requested during your regularly scheduled office visit, and enough medicine will be prescribed to last until it is time for your next appointment. We avoid the practice of calling in prescriptions as it does not allow your physician or nurse practitioner to evaluate the appropriateness of the prescription and to follow the condition for which the medication has been prescribed. Any change in pharmacies initiated by you (if your pharmacy does not permit the legal transfer of a valid prescription) will need to be done at a regular office visit. If you happen to run out of medication, lose your prescription or need it rewritten, an appointment will need to be scheduled. All appointments will be scheduled with Dr. Cole-Sedivy or Heather Friedeman, CNP and require a co-pay (per your signed contract with your insurance carrier).


Medical Records Transfer

In the event you should need your records transferred to or from another practice, or if we need your protected health information from another provider, please download our Records Release Form (Adobe PDF file) to complete and forward to us. We must have a completed form with valid signature and any appropriate fee (see Medical Records Policy) paid before processing any request.